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RUSH Auto Works Inc.

Entry-level Price, Super Car Performance!

RUSH Auto Works Inc. was founded late 2017 to develop, market and produce affordable, high performance race and track-day cars. The company ethos is simple: every vehicle we build will be a rush to drive, guaranteed!

Beyond this, we have a vision that high performance motorsport has reached such stratospheric pricing that the normal man simply can’t afford to get in. Our first car the RUSH SR, has been designed from the ground up to address that issue. It provides an affordable platform and yet exudes technology and performance typically found in vehicles costing three to ten times as much.

Build Your Own!

base race car
Choose your options, starting at $39,875!

Race Ready!

20230407 wrlmid ohiofriday 3487
Take the green flag starting at $50,000

Technical Specifications

  • GSXS 1 Liter Inline 4, sealed
  • 145 WHP with 11,600 RPM rev limit
  • Stainless Steel headers with crossover and dual silencers
  • 6-speed sequential gearbox
  • RUSH final drive with adjustable LSD
  • Adjustable final drive ratios
img 7755
img 7758
  • Fully adjustable RAW unequal length A-arms from and rear
  • Billet aluminum uprights with adjustable camber and toe
  • Adjustable sway bars front and rear
  • Two-way adjustable RUSH shocks with changeable spring rates
  • RUSH 4 piston billet calipers front and rear
  • 274 x 25mm floating 26-vane disk brakes
  • Dash mounted brake bias adjustment
  • RAW 13″ x 7″ front & 13″ x 8.5″ rear aluminum wheels
  • Nankang AR-1 spec tires front & rear
img 7757
base race car
  • TIG welded space frame structure. 1 1/2″ Square 4130 primary tubing with Ducol R8 1 1/4 round cross bracing
  • Dual 1 3/4″ Ducol R8 primary rollbar system
  • Composite Tegris anti-intrusion panels
  • Front aluminum crash box and rear crash structure
  • 5 Gallon FIA FT-3 certified fuel cell (dual fuel cell optional)
  • Length: 3325 mm
  • Width: 1500mm
  • Height: 990mm
  • Weight: 950lb (1100lb in race trim)
  • AIM MXM Dash logger (MXS 1.2 optional)
  • Pneumatic paddle shift system
  • Carbon fiber LMP style wheel (optional)
  • GRP body panels, underfloor, and rear diffuser
  • Front and rear quick connect multipiece clam shells with aerocatch primary attachment
img 7766
race spec package
base race car
race spec package