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Join us and improve your racing skills

We are here to take your racing skills to the next level using data driven coaching. We then marry that with our years of real world racing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced racer, our personalized coaching programs will help you improve your technique, strategy, and overall performance. Our goal is to help you become a more confident competitive racer and achieve your full potential on the track. Join us and see your racing skills soar!

Billy Smith

With a passion for motorsports and an impressive track record, Billy Smith brings a wealth of experience and dedication to coaching. Billy has raced across a diverse range of disciplines, including dirt ovals, shifter karts, open wheel, sports cars, and prototypes, and has emerged victorious in each of them. His commitment to excellence and a genuine love for the sport make him the ideal coach for anyone looking to improve their skills and performance on the track.

Billy’s Motorsports Highlights:

  • 18 years of racing experience
  • 26 years of competitive sim racing experience
  • 2022 SCCA FX Hoosier Super Tour National Champion
  • 2022 SCCA Southern Conference U.S. Majors Champion
  • 7 wins, 10 podiums, and 3 track records in SCCA
  • 7 podiums in WRL

In addition to his impressive racing career, Billy is also the team principal of Racer Motors, competing with a Sebeco NP01 in WRL. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering from LeTourneau University and is a proud Operation Iraqi Freedom war veteran. As a coach, Billy is committed to sharing his expertise and passion with anyone who wants to improve their motorsports abilities and achieve success on the track.